About CCNhub
What is CCNhub?
How does CCNhub benefit me? [as an airline/agent]
For a quick overview - what are the key functions of CCNhub?
Is the information on CCNhub secure?
How many participating airlines are there in CCNhub? Will there be any more in the near future?
Where is CCNhub available?

What do I need in order to use CCNhub?
If I sign up to join CCNhub, what's the lead timeline for implementation before I can use the system?
What does it cost to use CCNhub?

Operations / Support
My company is a time and information-critical business. How accurate is the information displayed on CCNhub?
Is CCNhub able to handle responses in volume from multiple carriers at one go? What if one response from a carrier is much slower than the others?
Who do we turn to for CCNhub information and service support?
Is there any orientation/training programme for new CCNhub users?